Severe weather ravages parts of Henderson County

Nov. 5—Severe weather, including an apparent tornado in Athens, ripped through parts of Henderson County Friday evening, leaving major damage in its wake.

Tim Marshall, Meteorologist at Haag Engineering Co, reported on social media that he tracked a tornado path three miles through the city of Athens.

"The worst damage found was to the Athens Steel Building Corporation on the north side of town," he stated. "The south end wall of the metal building was pushed inward. The NWS building was spared."

The Athens Animal Rescue Shelter was reportedly hit by a tornado and high winds, knocking down trees and interrupting electric service, according to Rosana Mosley-Arthus, shelter volunteer-rescue coordinator and board member. She asked for the Facebook community's help in placing animals until the facility can be repaired.

"We can help arrange transport if within a reasonable distance. We need temporary fosters as well until we can get our fencing fixed and clean up," she stated.

More information to follow as it becomes available on this breaking severe weather event.