Severed foot found inside a shoe that washed up on a South Carolina beach, police say

Mitchell Willetts
·1 min read

A shoe found washed up on the South Carolina coast has triggered an investigation, after police discovered a foot still inside of it, outlets report.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation of the mystery shoe and foot, which washed ashore near Ft. Sumter, WCBD reported.

The office’s marine patrol division responded to the scene of the disturbing find on Sunday, WCSC reports.

Detectives were also on site, along with a crime scene unit, and the county coroner, WFXB reported.

No other information has been shared so far.

While this may be an unusual discovery for the Palmetto State, feet wash up on beaches in the Pacific Northwest on a comparably regular basis, Vox reported. Between 2010 and 2019, at least 15 human feet were found along the shore of the Salish Sea — which spans from Washington state to British Columbia due to strong currents and other natural causes.

Feet are the limbs that wash up most frequently, for two reasons. Feet, like hands, more easily detach from the body, according to Vox, and because shoes are often made of material that floats, feet can slowly make their way to shore instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean, never to be found.