Severodonetsk residents forced to shower outside due to lack of water

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In occupied Severodonetsk, people are forced to collect water from puddles due to lack of water supply
In occupied Severodonetsk, people are forced to collect water from puddles due to lack of water supply

"Back in February, despite the vagaries of the weather, a construction crane was working on the sports field near the Jazz shopping center,” Hayday said.

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“Almost without days off. In 2022, everyone expected the opening of a modern mall. And also a cozy park named after Serhiy Hubanov. They were preparing for the start of construction of a regional hospital. Until the Russians came and began to destroy cozy Severodonetsk. They ‘set it free’ from life. Because of the 100,000 or so population, there is now about 10 percent left there. Some were waiting for the occupiers, many simply had nowhere to go.”

According to him, for the past month and a half of occupation, Russians have promised a bright life in the city they destroyed. But they can't fix the most basic of services: repair the power and gas system and prepare Severodonetsk for the cold season.

"Morgunov, the current head of the occupation authorities of the city just doesn’t get it – cold water has been supplied in his hometown on an hourly basis for 30 years," said Hayday.

"And now they heat the houses there with firewood."

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The official noted that the occupying administration failed to repair the water supply system in Severodonetsk, and instead installed technical water tanks around the city.

"But what can people do in winter, when the temperature reaches zero?” Hayday wondered.

“Eat ice? There are also two hygiene centers – shower tents. With a three-month-long line. At least, there is television. Not cable, but outdoor units, just airing propaganda.”

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According to the regional governor, Russians buried 63 dead civilians in occupied Rubizhne the other day, whom they killed four months ago.

Meanwhile, the brainwashing campaign in preparation for the sham referendum on the region's accession to Russia has been stepped up in Luhansk Oblast.

At the end of June, the Ukrainian military left the Severodonetsk industrial zone and moved to more fortified positions. On July 3, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that after heavy fighting for Lysychansk, the Defense Forces of Ukraine were forced to withdraw from their positions and frontiers.

Russian forces still do not control 100% of Luhansk Oblast. In five months of fighting, Russian troops were able to advance only 30 kilometers into the region.

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