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Sewickley Farms Community Wishes Beloved Bus Driver A Happy Retirement

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After 25 years of taking children to and from school, a local school bus driver has decided to retire. But all of the families he’s served wouldn’t let him go quietly. They threw him a party to show him how much he’s meant to them all; KDKA's Bryant Reed reports.

Video Transcript

- After 25 years of taking children to and from school, a local school bus driver is retiring, but all of the families that he served wouldn't let him go quietly. Today they threw him a surprise party. Bryant Reid reports why so many people appreciate Tom Herbert so much.


BRYANT REID: 25 years of being a bus driver in the North Allegheny School District coming to an end.

TOM HERBERT: I'm kind of overwhelmed, kind of overwhelmed and really appreciative. I can't say thank you enough. This is a great neighborhood. This is why I've been doing this for so many years.

BRYANT REID: As a token of their gratitude, families in the Sewickley farms neighborhood gathered at a single bus stop and waited for Tom Herbert as a surprise and thank you for caring for their children.

MARISA MACCARELLI: He's like grandpa. The kids get on the bus, and he greets them, and he's concerned about what's going on with them, and he's really like part of our family.

BRYANT REID: For the students, he's been the only bus driver they've known.

MARCO HARRIS: He's just been nice to me, especially when I first, because I first moved here in first grade he's just always super nice.

- He's like very nice. He like he's always like caring about our safety because like big driving like always like the speed limit and stuff.

- He's kind, very kind.

TOM HERBERT: And for Herbert, not many drivers tend to stick around for as long as he has, but he says there's a reason he stay.

TOM HERBERT: It's seeing the children every day, every day. They're all so nice. And all the people. I just, I can't leave, I just can't leave them it's just that they've been so good to me all along. Every time I go through the neighborhood and people walking they all wave and remember me. So I really appreciate this. Thank you so much.

BRYANT REID: The end of a bus driving era maybe, but families and Herbert say it's a connection they'll always have. In Marshall Township, I'm Brayant Reid, KDKA News.