Sewing Masks For Pregnant, Postpartum Women: Glenview Shop Helps

Eric DeGrechie

GLENVIEW, IL — Glenview's Jill Weeks has been helping those in need for many years. Through her business, Très Mimi, she has always used a portion of sales to supply underwear to women in shelters fleeing domestic abuse.

"At the start of the COVID outbreak, our main shelter, Wings, called us," Weeks said. "They were in dire straits. They had to move their families, and they needed food, medical and cleaning supplies. We answered that call and proudly depleted all our funds to help a partner in need."

Another need during the pandemic has been masks for pregnant and postpartum women in the Metro Chicago area. Partnering with Black Girls Break Bread, Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health and the University of Illinois School of Public Health, Weeks got involved with the Masks-for-Moms campaign to ensure that all pregnant women have access to face masks at their prenatal visits and when they arrive at hospitals for delivery.

Making masks with clean fabrics in a socially responsible way is expensive, according to Weeks. She said it costs $5-$6/mask.

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The mask campaign has had a tremendous impact, but it's slowed down in recent weeks as the sewing has stopped.

"Maybe because its summer or could be people have thankfully been able to start working again. But this has led to a huge gap," Weeks said.

Weeks said they are trying to raise funds for an additional 2,000 masks.

"I'd even be happy if it inspires a few to join me back at the sewing machine. I am happy to collect any unused brand-new masks for the campaign," Weeks said.

As of Monday, a GoFundMe campaign has raised $4.204 of its $5,500 goal.

Two other ways to help are to:

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