Sex Shop Forced To End Curbside Service Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

Jonah Meadows

This article originally appeared on the Peoria Patch

PEORIA, IL — An "erotic boutique" in West Peoria that offered curbside service, despite the governor's executive order limiting non-essential businesses operations in response to the coronavirus outbreak, has been forced to shut down.

The Green Door, at 2610 W. Farmington Road, initially responded to the statewide stay-at-home order by making a case for why it should be considered an "essential" business.

"In light of recent news the Green Door will continue to be open as we are part of 'the fundamental building blocks that keeps our society safe and steady,'" store management posted to social media Sunday, the first full day of the governor's stay-at-home order.

It noted that the store sells "FDA approved lubes," "doctor prescribed penis pumps and female stimulates" and "medical marijuana pipes and accessories."

By Monday, Green Door management acknowledged it did not fall under the definition of "essential business." It posted a sign on its doors forbidding entry but the public but offering to hand deliver items to customers outside.

"If you need something from us and you know exactly what it is, you can give us a call," staff posted on social media, "and we will do what the restaurants are doing and bring it out to your car."

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But according to the Peoria Journal Star, someone complained to the sheriff's department. A Peoria County sheriff's deputy reported a store manager believed he could keep operating "since he sells FDA-approved items," the Journal Star reported. "I informed [him] this was not the case."

According to the store's website, it offers the largest selections of adult videos in Peoria, among other items.

The governor's stay-at-home order mandates all non-essential businesses and operations must cease, while exempting certain categories of the economy deemed essential. Adult entertainment is not included as a category of exempt business.

On Wednesday, Green Door acknowledged it had been forced to completely close and posted a note seemingly aimed at the person who reported them to the police.

"Thanks Phil," the management posted alongside an emoji of a raised middle finger, "you guys be safe at Walmart."