Sex Trafficking Film ‘Wake Up’ Is Officially An Oscar Contender!

Janet Craig’s groundbreaking film, “Wake Up,” sheds a light on human sex trafficking and it’s officially an Oscar contender!

The Blast got an exclusive interview with the film’s writer and director, Craig.

Craig wrote, directed and starred in the film. She told us this project has been over a decade in the making.

Janet Craig's Film "Wake Up" Is An Oscar Conteder!

Photo Courtesy Of Madison Conklin
Photo Courtesy Of Madison Conklin

“Wake Up” is an award-winning film inspired by true stories. It tells the stories of several foster children who become human trafficking victims.

“A quiet community gets shaken when a pair of foster youth are targeted and taken by a sex trafficking ring. A daring rescue is mounted, but will it be too late?” the film’s IMDB page reads.

Craig told us she’s very grateful that Hollywood is taking the film into consideration.

“I’m grateful for opportunity to share the movie with Hollywood, excited that we have a way to share this movie with Hollywood,” she said.

"Wake Up" Has Been Nominated For Four Other Awards

It is contending for an Oscar for “Best Feature Film.” It was submitted in several other categories too.

In addition to the Oscars, “Wake Up” is up for multiple awards.

Craig told us the film is contending for a Golden Globe, an Indie Spirit Award and two NAACP awards.

The Hollywood Foreign Press had a virtual screening of the film on November 21st.

“Wake Up” is being considered for an Indie Spirit Award in the following categories: “First Time Feature Film” and “Director.”

O’Shay Neal has been nominated for an NAACP Award for “Breakout Artist,” and “Wake Up” is being considered for “Independent Feature Film.”

O'Shay Neal Is Nominated By The NAACP Awards For "Breakout Artist"

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She told us this film was something she dreamed of years ago. Craig told us making “Wake Up” and getting it to where it is now is “miraculous.”

She’s grateful to make a film that includes her passions.

“Literally it’s a miracle when you make a film. It’s an absolute miracle,” Craig admitted. “[I’m] thrilled to be able to share the film and see the responses of the audiences, that it’s impacting people. Blown away by what we made is having an impact on audiences and people are receiving it so well.”

A "Wake Up" Television Series Is In The Works!

We asked if there is a chance “Wake Up” would get a sequel… Craig’s response was much more exciting than we could’ve imagined.

She told us they are working on a television series based off of the film. Craig’s goal is to target 17 to 27-year-olds and tell the stories they weren’t able to tell in the film.

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“When I was taking the film around for Trafficking Awareness Month, people that had been trafficked came up to me and asked me if I would do their stories,” she revealed. “It made me feel like we got it right.”

Craig plans to weave people’s real stories into these fictional character stories.

Her fight to help end human trafficking began when her oldest daughter was 16-years-old and heard about an organization called “Forever Found.”

Craig is excited about “Wake Up” being an Oscar contender because if it does win it will help share the project in a more global way. It will help people see the reality and scary truth of sex trafficking, which is happening underneath our noses.

“It’s a crisis, [that is] happening in every neighborhood,” Craig told us. “There’s such a need to tell stories that are helping the world, when people see it they’ll be inspired.”

We asked if Craig has started writing her Oscar Award winner speech, she hasn’t but is taking the entire experience in.