SF DA's description of murder suspect outrages victim's family

DA Chesa Boudin described the suspect as having a "temper tantrum." But exclusive evidence obtained by ABC7's Dion Lim shows it was much more than that, as the suspect appears to have ran to get a phone to take photos of the dying man.

Video Transcript

ERIC LAWSON: I don't buy it for a second. Not even for a second. He knew what he was doing.

DION LIM: Eric Lawson has endured a lot of skepticism, and now disgust since the death of his father-in-law, 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapkadee. I was the first to break this horrifying video showing Vicha shoved to the ground and killed by, according to police, 19-year-old Antoine Watson, who was arrested for murder and elder abuse.

MONTHANUS RATANAPKADEE: It's breaking my heart.

DION LIM: But the pain Eric and his wife, Monthanus Ratanapkadee are feeling is magnified once again, after District Attorney Chesa Boudin was quoted in the New York Times as saying Watson was having some sort of temper tantrum, a term more often used to describe toddlers that doesn't sit well with Vicha's family.

ERIC LAWSON: Hearing this excuse of hissy fit is just, it's really upsetting.

DION LIM: While Boudin sites video evidence where Watson is allegedly seen hitting a car with his hand--

MONTHANUS RATANAPKADEE: Temper tantrum, you can hit the car. You cannot kick human or you can not kill human.

DION LIM: I obtained police documents indicating after the crime, Watson was seen on surveillance going to a BMW, retrieving a cell phone, and appearing to take photos of Mr. Ratanapkadee's body as he lay dying, then returning to the vehicle. I've reached out to Boudin a number of times asking for comment on stories since our live interview over the double fatal hit and run deaths of Hannah [INAUDIBLE] and Elizabeth Platt.

Chesa, with all due respect, it feels as though you are deflecting just a little bit.

I never received a response, nor did I today when asking to clarify his statements. As Vicha's loved ones wait for Watson's next court appearance on Thursday, they expressed their gratitude for the community's support, and want two things.

ERIC LAWSON: I want to know the truth. I want to know a clear truth.

MONTHANUS RATANAPKADEE: I hope my father case to be raised awareness for the Asian community. I wish Asian community to be speak up.