SF moms protest in the park for schools to reopen

"I want to go back to school because I can't be home anymore. I fight too much with my little brothers and I can't concentrate at home," said fifth-grader Iris Martinez.

Video Transcript

- New at 11, some parents in San Francisco say they can't wait for schools to resume in-person learning any longer.

- Yeah they just wrapped up a rally with one County Supervisor there saying she wants to help but doesn't know how. It's the latest in our focus on education, as we work to build a better Bay Area during the pandemic. ABC 7 News Reporter Amy Hollyfield has the demands parents made in the Mission District this morning.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Fifth grade student Iris Martinez is getting a break from her little brothers today, and her cramped mother's bedroom that she says is now her classroom. She says distance learning at home is really tough.

IRIS MARTINEZ: I want to go back to school, because I can't be at home anymore. I fight too much with my little brothers, and I can't concentrate at home.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: She joined a group of kids and their moms in [INAUDIBLE] Ninos Unidos today to call for San Francisco public schools to reopen.

HILLARY RONEN: I'm ashamed of San Francisco.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Supervisor Hilary [INAUDIBLE] joined the group. She says many of these moms are immigrants and have been asking her to help them. She has several stories of struggle, like the mom who is trying to balance home schooling her disabled child and going to work.

HILLARY RONEN: The teacher is texting her saying you have to get your son back on, he's not participating. And she's texting back to the teacher, I have to put food on the table. I can't. I have to work.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: San Francisco School District and Union are still negotiating on a reopening plan, and have said they won't be able to reopen by the governor's deadline of April 1st.

HILLARY RONEN: No is not an option. It has been a year-- a year of kids suffering.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: This is the first time this group has protested in this way, but they plan to do it again, and to keep doing it. They hope more people show up until they are heard.

DHEYANIRA CALAHORRANO: We need to let the city and the school district-- especially the president, Gabriella Lopez, that we the families, the Latino families want to go back to school.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: These mothers say their kids are suffering, and they hope this public protest will lead to solutions.

In San Francisco, Amy Hollyfield, ABC 7 News.