SFUSD reaches tentative deal to reopen some schools in April

Some parents are relieved, saying the distance learning format just doesn't work. Others, are still not ready to send their children back to classrooms.

Video Transcript

- The phased-in approach would start with the youngest students at certain school sites, but ABC 7 News reporter Cornell Bernard shows us, not all parents are ready to send their kids back to the classroom.

GABRIELA LOPEZ: I'm very grateful to be able to share with you that SFUSD is on track to offer in-person learning options.

CORNELL BERNARD: School Board President Gabriella Lopez says that in-person learning starts April 12th, beginning with preschool through second grade students at about a dozen schools.

SIVA RAJ: It's great that they finally actually set a date. It's what a lot of parents in the community have been desperately asking the school district to do.

CORNELL BERNARD: Siva Raj is one of many parents who rallied for schools to reopen. He says remote learning has been a failure for his two sons, 8 and 14.

SIVA RAJ: But something has to be done about this because the format just doesn't work.

CORNELL BERNARD: The Teachers Union likes the return-to-classroom plan, which includes health and safety protocols, and vaccinations for school staff.

SUSAN SOLOMON: Every morning, before anybody comes into the building, there will be a screening-- a health screening-- and then ventilation measures as well. So all of those layers of protection, and including, most recently and most significantly, vaccinations for us.

CORNELL BERNARD: The tentative agreement comes after months of bitter debate over how and when students would return to the classroom, including a lawsuit by the City over reopening, supported by Mayor London Breed.

LONDON BREED: You know, the grown-ups need to get their act together and make sure that we do what's in the best interest of the kids of this City.

CORNELL BERNARD: Will you keep your kids home?

- Yeah.

CORNELL BERNARD: But not all parents will send their kids back to the classroom. Lina Li believes it's still too dangerous.

LINA LI: Safe at home right now. I don't think the go back to school is good right now for the kid.

CORNELL BERNARD: Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews says no pressure, there's a plan for that.

VINCENT MATTHEWS: We will also continue to provide distance learning for the remainder of the school year that ends in June.

CORNELL BERNARD: But it's still unclear when older students can return for in-person learning. The district says more details will be released on Monday. In San Francisco, Cornell Bernard, ABC 7 News.