Shangela Got 'DWTS' Advice From Courtney Act & Michelle Visage

Courtney Act, Shangela, Michelle Visage
Courtney Act, Shangela, Michelle Visage

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Shangela recently made history by joining season 31 of Dancing With the Stars as the show’s first male same-sex pair to regularly compete. She also became the first-ever drag performer to get cast in the U.S. series – a trail that had already been blazed by Courtney Act in the UK by competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shangela revealed that she called up Act to ask her RuPaul’s Drag Race sister for advice regarding the ballroom television series. Shangie recalled:

“Prior to the first episode, I said, ‘Hey, sis, I’m getting ready, I’m doing the salsa, what do you think?’ and we talked. We had great conversations; she gave me good advice about the show. She said, “During the camera-blocking run-through the day before the show, put your wig on, do it with your hair,’ because she learned it will feel different with your partner doing it with your ‘boy’ hair and then whipping it around in drag. I’ve invited her to the show, and I hope she’ll make it when she comes to visit the U.S., if I’m still there.”

Shangie also reached out to another Drag Race legend who competed on Strictly Come Dancing: Michelle Visage. The All Stars 3 finalist said:

“I promise [I asked] her for advice, and she was like, ‘Baby, you’ve got to get those shoulders down, lean back, look at that head position, and move those feet with strong legs.’ Michelle went far over there, so she had some great advice. She’s coming to the ballroom next week, I have her down [as my guest]. I’m excited to be there in front of her to show her that I listened to her tips.”

In the meantime, Shangela wants none other than RuPaul himself to do Dancing With the Stars next. Shangie explained:

“You know who I really want to see do it? RuPaul. (…) I’d like to see RuPaul in that ballroom, she’s all about elegance and grace, and I’m sure she’d turn a quick-step out.”

Dancing With the Stars season 31 airs Mondays on Disney+.

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