Shanquella Robinson's Family Honored Her On What Would Have Been Her 26th Birthday

It’s been almost two months since the tragic passing of Shanquella Robinson. And as her family remembers her on what would’ve been her 26th birthday, they’re still seeking justice.

Her family, who typically hosted a party, invited her close friends to gather at Robinson’s gravesite to celebrate her birthday on Sunday instead. They released balloons while singing happy birthday, the Charlotte Observer reports.

“She’s smiling down on us,” Salamondra Robinson, her mother, told the newspaper. “We have good days and bad days, but we’re out here to celebrate.”

Blavity previously reported Robinson went to Los Cabos, Mexico, for a nice getaway with friends. However, what would be a fun vacation took an unexpected turn for the worse when a supposed friend brutally attacked her while another recorded the assault. A video of the incident on Oct. 29 posted online instantly went viral and made headlines. Her parents, who were already suspicious of their daughter’s death, have been trying to find answers, as they hope to receive justice for Shanquella.

Although police have not made any arrests regarding the Charlotte native’s death, the Associated Press reported in November that Mexican officials filed charges to extradite the suspect.

“We have to try to stand strong for her. She would want us to be strong and keep on going. We’re waiting to see and I know it will happen. In God’s time, it will happen. That’s all I’m waiting on,” her mother said.