'Sharknado 2' sparks Twitter feeding frenzy

'Sharknado 2' sparks Twitter feeding frenzy

"Sharknado 2," the sequel to the 2013 B-movie hit "Sharknado," premiered on the Syfy channel on Wednesday. And, judging by the reaction on Twitter, it was likely the most-watched movie about a tornado of sharks in the history of television.

At several points during the prime-time premiere, nine of 10 U.S. trending topics on the social media platform were related to "Sharknado," with Twitter users feeding off the film's deliciously bad acting and absurd plot like campy chum.

Nielsen, which calculates Twitter ratings for television, said "Sharknado 2" topped Wednesday's entire primetime lineup, inspiring more than half a million tweets and generating 67.2 million Twitter TV impressions.

Here are just some of the tweets that whipped up Tuesday's Twitter storm.


The National Weather Service joined in on the fun.


Even the actors got into the act.



And Twitter users offered Syfy ideas for "Sharknado" spinoffs.

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