Shaun the Sheep returns from the moon with NASA

STORY: [David Parker, Director of Exploration / European Space Agency]

'So this certificate confirms that Shaun is the first astronaut to go to the moon and back again, 1.4 million miles. And our first European Space Agency astronaut to the moon. Congratulations, Shaun.'

Shaun the Sheep has returned safely after joining NASA to the moon and back

This figurine of the beloved cartoon character travelled 1.4 million miles

on the inaugural flight of NASA’s Artemis exploration program

[Peter Lord, Co-founder / Aardman Animations]

'He's been on the far side of the moon, how extraordinary is that? Our baby, our creation.'

The little Shaun was awarded a certificate celebrating the achievement in Bristol

[Peter Lord, Co-founder / Aardman Animations]

'Such a big deal. You know, it's every child's dream, isn't it, famously, (to) be an astronaut, and go to the moon. We'd all like to do that. Of course, we can't. All of us. And so the fact that Shaun's doing it for us seem seem very, very important.'

[Rosemary Coogan, Trainee astronaut / European Space Agency]

'It's an absolute thrill to be thinking about following insulin's footsteps, going around the moon, getting involved with all of the activist missions. It's it would be an absolute pleasure to do that. And we'll see what the future holds, definitely.'

[Hannah Brooks, Animator / Aardman]

'I mean, it's perfect for Shaun, really. He's such a cute, cheeky little character and I can only imagine he would love to have such a big adventure. It's always what he's trying to do in all of his little episodes'