‘She’s about to get bit. Oh my lord.’ Watch a hammerhead aim for 2 swimmers in Florida

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They say ignorance is bliss. It also could have saved two women from getting bitten by a shark.

Two swimmers in Florida were blithely unaware that a large shark was swimming mere inches away in Florida. The near encounter was caught on camera.

TikToker Connor Seitz, with the user name @cseitz2281, was shooting with a drone from up in his waterfront room at the Celadon Beach Resort in Panama City Beach.

A swimmer in the Gulf was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then came the shark

The video, posted Sunday, zooms in on two female swimmers treading in the water a few feet off the shore packed with beachgoers.


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A shark makes a beeline for them, getting uncomfortably close, almost grazing one’s feet.

‘Holy [bleep!]’ Florida beachgoers got a visit from a large shark in the shallows

“That’s a hammerhead,” says a male voice.

“She’s about to get bit. Oh my lord. If she looked down right now, she would...”

“It’s circling. Oh, s---.”

Many people in the comments section asked why Saitz didn’t try to warn the unsuspecting swimmers.

He wrote that he didn’t yell because he was on the 23rd floor and they never would have heard. Moreover, he didn’t want them to panic and “potentially aggravate the shark.”

It’s unclear what would have happened had either swimmer spotted the fish and reacted. Most likely, it would have been startled and swam away.

According to National Geographic, this species is “considered harmless to humans,” and that few attacks have been recorded.

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