'She impeached me twice for nothing': Trump calls Nancy Pelosi an 'animal'

Former President Donald Trump called Speaker Nancy Pelosi an “animal” at a rally near Dayton, Ohio on the eve of the midterm elections.Mr Trump, appearing at the event to boost Republican Senate candidate JD Vance, lashed out at Ms Pelosi less than two weeks after the Speaker’s husband Paul Pelosi was brutally assaulted in a politically-motivated attack in the couple’s San Francisco home.“Nancy Pelosi said please don’t call them animals, they’re human beings,” Mr Trump said, referring to alleged members of the MS-13 gang. “I said no, they’re animals. Of course, I think she’s an animal, too, if you want to know the truth.”Mr Trump, who again said on Monday night that he is exceedingly likely to run for president again in 2024, told the assembled crowd that Ms Pelosi impeached him twice for “no reason.”C-SPAN