She wears ballgowns to the Miami Heat’s home games. So, who is this ‘courtside lady?’

OK, so the Miami Heat couldn’t vanquish the Denver Nuggets Wednesday night, and now we’re 1 to 2 in the 2023 NBA Finals.

Disappointing, surely. But there was a bright spot at the Kaseya Centre downtown: She was sitting in the front row, as usual.

We’re talking about home game fixture Radmilla Lolly, aka “the courtside Heat lady,” who is one of -- if not the -- most fashionable fans in town.

While all eyes were on the crucial nailbiter of a game, some couldn’t help but check out Lolly, who makes her own dresses out of old Heat jerseys.

The opera singer really outdid herself for Game 3, bringing some glitter to her upcycled glam getup.

The gorgeous season ticket holder rocked a white floor-length gown, featuring a cape that said “Playoffs 2023.” Lolly paired the look with sparkly Yves Saint Laurent boots, a silver strap bag by Zanotti and black gloves by Cavalli.

“The most important?” she asks in an Instagram video for GQ Sports. “No crystals. I have the ring on.”

Lolly shows off her championship pendant ring (unclear which year; we’ve won three; you can buy one on eBay starting around the $8,000 mark).

“Diamonds!” she says proudly.

Let’s hope Lolly can bring the guys some luck next time — that would be Game 4 on Friday in Miami. The haute couture designer rarely misses a 305 matchup, and loves classing up the joint.

“I never compromised on my personal style, because I always dress the way I feel,” she said in a release. “To me, sports is a very exciting event and place to be at – so why not dress up for it? A game is a celebration of your team, so come dressed up for the occasion!”