Sheep distributed to families of conscripted Russians in Republic of Tuva


Authorities of the Republic of Tuva (Russia) distribute sheep to the families of residents of this region who were conscripted for the war in Ukraine.

Source: Siberia.Realities; press service of government of Tuva

Details: It is noted that each family is to get one sheep.

In total, 91 animals were distributed among the residents of Sut-Kholsky, Mongun-Tayginsky, Barun-Khemchykskyi, Ulug-Khemsky, Chedi-Khol'skiy, Erzyas, Tes-Khemsky, Chaa-Kholsky and Dzun-Khemchiksky districts.

In the Bay-Tayginsky district, potatoes were distributed to the families of the conscripted men.

In addition, municipalities have started delivering cabbage and flour for these families. In particular, they were taken to the Tuva City Hall for further distribution.

In the Barun-Khemchykskyi district, coal was delivered to the families of the conscripts, and in Shagonar, the authorities decided to provide the families of conscripts with firewood from the local sawmill.

In addition, families with children under the age of 17 can receive 5,000 roubles (roughly US$87 – ed.) each.

Earlier, the Tuva authorities decided to provide these families with a ram, 50 kilograms of flour, and two bags of potatoes and cabbage as needed.


  • In an address to fellow Russians on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced "partial" mobilisation. Later, it turned out that in the decree on conscription, there is a secret point that allows the country's Defence Ministry to call up for war more than a million people, mostly from villages.

  • On 24 September, Russian cities hosted rallies against the war in Ukraine and the conscription of Russian citizens; hundreds of people were detained.

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