This sheet mask turns you into a cucumber-scented Baby Yoda

Why just adore Baby Yoda when you

can become Baby Yoda? Well, sort of.

Online retailer Firebox is selling a

Yoda sheet mask that turns you into

the iconic stoic Star Wars character.

Though the mask depicts more of the traditional

Yoda than his young cultural phenom counterpart.

the mask lets you become one with

the adorable emerald cutie. And the force

of good skin is strong with this one.

“Cucumber, it’s full of. Cool and soothe,

it will,” the product description reads.

The sought-after Yoda mask comes with

three other Star Wars character sheet masks.

The Chewbacca mask is a moisturizing mask

made with coconut oil to hydrate.

The Darth Vader mask contains anti-aging

black tea extract, while the C3PO sheet mask

is infused with nourishing honey.

“Ever wanted to be C3PO? Of course you haven’t …

But if you change your mind, this mask is printed

with a picture of his lovely mug that fits

nicely over yours for a suitably mad selfie

while you’re soothing your skin”.

Even if skincare cosplaying as

C3PO isn’t your jam, consider getting

in touch with your inner Baby Yoda.

After all, the cutie does have plump,

hydrated skin for a 50-year-old toddler.

You can also shop Disney princess sheet masks, if

you want to become a delightfully creepy royal