Shelby County deputies and EMTs "relieved of duty" in connection with Tyre Nichols' tragic traffic stop

Tyre Nichols

Two Shelby County deputies were “relieved of duty” in response to their actions while on the scene of Memphis police officers’ encounter with Tyre Nichols earlier this month. Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr. released a statement on Friday (Jan. 27) acknowledging the administrative action against two of the agency’s members.

Friday also marked the day the police department released multiple recordings that show the full scope of five patrolmen beating and apprehending Nichols on Jan. 7. As previously reported by REVOLT, a rash of protests took place in several major cities across the country as demonstrators demanded justice and condemned police brutality.

“Having watched the videotape for the first time tonight, I have concerns about two deputies who appeared on the scene following the physical confrontation between police and Tyre Nichols,” said Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr. in a statement. He added that the department has launched an administrative investigation into the matter.

RowVaughn and Rodney Wells, Nichols’ mother and stepfather, privately viewed the graphic footage ahead of its release. In the gut-wrenching footage, Nichols is seen handcuffed and sprawled on the pavement. EMTs reportedly arrived five minutes after the merciless attacks but were not seen rendering aid to the 29-year-old until 20 minutes had passed. He suffered from cardiac arrest, kidney failure and internal bleeding. He passed away while in the intensive care unit of St. Francis Hospital three days after the assault.

“I feel that everyone there should be charged… everyone. That’s the paramedics, that’s the fire department, [the] paramedics that came out, that stood around and didn’t do anything, they’re just as guilty,” Nichols’ stepfather told ABC News. He reiterated that “Everyone that was active in the whole scene, the whole video, should be charged.” Thus far, the five officers have been terminated and charged with second-degree murder, assault and kidnapping. However, Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn “CJ” Davis said that other officers are under investigation.