Shelling of Sumy region: Russian forces attack 5 areas

The Russian occupiers fired on 5 hromadas (an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories) in Sumy Oblast on 6 March. Fifty-nine strikes were recorded, causing destruction.

Source: Sumy Oblast Military Administration on Facebook

Details: Russian soldiers shelled the village of Starykove (in Shalyhyne hromada) probably from a self-propelled artillery unit, with 11 strikes. A private residential building was damaged as a result of the shelling.

In Krasnopillia hromada, two Russian UAVs (quadcopter-type) dropped 17 VOG fragmentation grenades into the yard of a two-storey building in the village of Hrabovske. Windows in the two-storey building were broken and two parked vehicles were damaged as a result of the explosion.

Three strikes were recorded in Esman hromada at 09:35, with preliminary reports indicating that a 120-mm mortar was in operation.

The Russian forces fired a mortar on Bilopillia hromada, with 18 strikes recorded.

At 18.38, eight strikes were recorded in Nova Sloboda hromada, likely from a 120 mm mortar.

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