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Shelter order lifted after massive fire in Channelview

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A massive fire burned for hours Wednesday afternoon at an industrial facility on Lakeside Drive in the Channelview area.

Video Transcript

JESSICA WILLEY: K-Solv is at the top of the hill there at the corner of Des Zavala and Lakeside here in Channelview. that's grounded 0 for today's industrial disaster. Harris County Pollution Control is monitoring the quality of both the air and water. No issues with the air, but they believe runoff went into the ship channel. The Coast Guard trying to mitigate that. Investigators now getting their first look at the scene.

- Oh my god.

JESSICA WILLEY: The fiery scene shocked those who got close.

- Hear everything popping?

- Oh yeah.

JESSICA WILLEY: The flames spread quickly igniting chemicals in their path.

- You could see, like, totes or stuff, like boxes of things that were there so close. I guess, They were just.

- Just popping.

- Popping and popping and popping, yeah.

JESSICA WILLEY: Jesse Castaneda drove by the K-Solv facility but didn't stay long.

- We rolled down the window, and you could just hear-- I mean, you could feel the actual heat from the fire, from the flames. And, yeah it was kind of scary. So we did a U-turn, and we just took off.

JESSICA WILLEY: The fire started around 4:00 this afternoon. Flames shot out of a warehouse area on Lakeside Drive in Channelview. K-Solv provides environmental protection, disaster services, and chemicals to the petrochemical industry. The fire started as a product was being transferred to another container, say company officials.

- Today, we had a drum transfer operation that during the transfer operation we had an ignition source. At that time, our employees activated our response plan, called for evacuation, and notified 911 and immediately. The fire department was deployed. We rapidly had an intensification of a fire situation. Resources were pulled in to mitigate that.

JESSICA WILLEY: Roads were blocked off, nearby residents asked to shelter in place. One person went to the hospital for minor respiratory irritation. Fifty-six employees were on site at the time. Air and water quality monitoring is underway. The wind helped carried the smoke. Harris County Fire Marshal investigators are just getting started.

- They're going to be staying overnight. They're going to be working through tomorrow to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and how to ensure that we're holding responsible actors accountable.

JESSICA WILLEY: Jessica Willey, "ABC 13 Eyewitness News".