Shelter-in-place order issued for parts of Deptford Township, NJ

A shelter-in-place order has been issued for parts of Deptford Township, Gloucester County. The area impacted is Pasadena Avenue and Hurffville Road.

Video Transcript

WALTER PEREZ: Right now, police have converged on a neighborhood in West Deptford, Gloucester County. They're telling people living near Pasadena Avenue and Hurffville Road to stay inside their homes. Action News New Jersey correspondent Trish Hartman joins us live near the scene with what we know so far. Trish.

TRISH HARTMAN: Walter, not a lot of information from authorities yet, but this still is a very active scene. The Gloucester County Sheriff's office is here along with several police departments. The prosecutor's office is involved, and canine and SWAT teams have been brought in here. We're going to show you some video of the activity in the investigation from earlier this afternoon.

This is happening in the 1900 block of Pasadena Avenue in the area of Hurffville Road in Deptford. Police are surrounding a home here near this intersection. Now, people in the immediate area have been told to shelter in place.

We've been talking to some neighbors who were out when this all started and now aren't allowed to go home. This all started about three hours ago or so. And some say that they've heard gunshots. One neighbor we spoke with said two dogs were running in the street as they heard gunshots being fired.

- I was coming from the Home Depot. I saw the cops. I stopped. I turned around. And I saw them bending down behind the cars with their guns drawn. So, obviously, I pulled over. And I see the two dogs running around, almost getting hit by the cars.

TRISH HARTMAN: Did you hear any gunshots?

- I heard a couple, yes. I heard four or five gunshots go off, and that's why I kind of stayed.

TRISH HARTMAN: Again, police are asking people in this immediate area to shelter in place while they are investigating the situation. No word yet how many people are involved. This is a developing story. We'll bring you more details as they become available. Reporting live in Deptford, New Jersey, Trish Hartman, Channel 6 Action News. Walter.

WALTER PEREZ: All right. Thanks, Trish.