Shenandoah hopes to crack down on fireworks, illegal ATV riders

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Apr. 21—SHENANDOAH — The borough is putting pyrotechnic enthusiasts and all-terrain vehicle riders on notice.

During last week's borough council meeting, Mayor Andrew J. Szczyglak reported on problems that included noise complaints and ATVs, but a communication problem among borough officials was also discovered.

"There was a situation that happened a couple of weeks ago where kids were setting off fireworks," Szczyglak said. "When spoken about by police officers a few months or even a year ago, the borough looked into a fireworks ordinance. I talked with Chief (George) Carado and other police officers and nothing official was put into place."

"Yes, we voted on it," Councilman Leo Pietkiewicz said.

"Well, I was told the police never got a copy of it," Szczyglak said. "When there was a complaint about fireworks, the police said there was nothing they could do because there is no ordinance. There is miscommunication because I'm being told by the police that there is not."

Council members approved the fireworks ordinance at a special meeting on Nov. 25. Szczyglak asked Borough Supervisor Anthony Sajone to have a copy given to the police department.

As to ATVs and dirt bikes: "We're having problems again in the borough of them illegally riding on the streets," the mayor said. "I was told by the police officers that they are not allowed to chase them."

Sajone said that's also what Carado told him.

"If the police turn on their lights and they stop, then they can cite them," he said. "What needs to be done if people see them and can recognize and identify them, they can take a picture or film them. And as long as people are willing to testify, the drivers can be cited and the vehicle can be impounded."

The owners can pay $125 to get their vehicles back after the summary offense.

Councilwoman Eileen Burke agreed that something must be done.

"People who are willing to come forward would help and this would be pursued more," Burke said. "If people would become more involved with it, instead of just moaning and groaning about it, we could do something about it, too."

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