Shep Smith Methodically Fact-Checks Both Fox News And Trump On Live TV

Fox News host Shepard Smith conducted a fact check on Monday after President Donald Trump tweeted that “unknown Middle Easterners” were hiding among the caravan of migrants making its way to the United States’ southern border.

Trump called the situation a “national emergy” (sic) and said he had alerted the military. 

Smith responded:

“An important note: Fox News knows of no evidence to suggest the president is accurate on that matter, and the president has offered no evidence to support what he has said.”

Ironically, Trump may have received his information from another show on Fox News. As Mediaite noted, the president’s tweet appeared less than two hours after Pete Hegseth made a similar claim on “Fox & Friends,” a show Trump is known to watch. 

“You’ve got the president of Guatemala saying to a local newspaper down there just last week they caught over 100 ISIS fighters in Guatemala trying to use this caravan,” Hegseth said. “He talked to their local newspaper.”

Hegseth admitted the claim “hasn’t been verified,” then added that “even one poison pill is too many in a caravan like that.”


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