Sheriff Who Announced Arrests In Smart Case Points To Arrest In Christie Wilson Case

Without a body, it's more difficult for prosecutors to prove murder and to later find a body. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson cited the Christie Wilson Case as one that resulted in a conviction for a no-body homicide.

Video Transcript

- Well, with no body, it is tougher to prove murder and to later find a body. But it is possible. The Sheriff pointed to Christie Wilson in Placer County.

IAN PARKINSON: --without Kristin. Well, there's cases all over the nation, what they call no body homicides. As a matter of fact, there's a case in point that was on "48 Hours" up in Placer County where they prosecuted, were successful. It went through appeal. They won. And years later, they actually recovered the victim, the female victim's body in that case.

- Mario Garcia was convicted of killing Christie Wilson back in 2005. A tip from Garcia's son led to her body last summer on the family's property. Wilson was 27 years old when she vanished from Thunder Valley. Garcia died this past December.