Sheriff warns against illegal drug use after 4 overdoses in Chesterfield County

A local sheriff is warning people to stay away from illegal drugs after four people overdosed within just 12 hours Monday. Three of those people died.

Reporter Tina Terry learned detectives suspect the drugs may have come from the same dealer.

“There’s some deadly drugs out there in Chesterfield County right now -- please don’t take them,” Sheriff Cambo Streater said.

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Streater said his detectives responded to two calls, just miles apart on Elbert Baskins Road and McQueen Road in Chesterfield County.

“I think it’s highly probable that yesterday’s two cases are related,” he said.

He believes the deadly drug fentanyl may be to blame. It’s a drug that has hurt his community and his own family.

“Back in March, my daughter who’s 27 died from a drug overdose and it was fentanyl,” Streater said.

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On Tuesday, lawmaker Richie Yow said he’s grateful for new trafficking fentanyl legislation that passed last session. He’s hoping for a new death by distribution law that would help officers charge drug dealers linked to multiple deaths.

“We’re enabling the distributors to kill our children, is what we’re doing without it,” Yow said.

Sheriff Streater said his detectives are still investigating these latest cases. There are no arrests just yet.

Streater is working with sheriffs from nearby counties to create a task force to identify and track down dealers bringing drugs into the area.

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