Sheriff's Helicopter Pilot Tracks Suspects After Alert From His Own Ring Camera

Some suspected car burglars picked the wrong target in Deltona, Florida, in the early hours of September 13, when they were caught on a Ring camera in the driveway of a sheriff’s pilot.

The pilot was in the air at the time, was alerted by the Ring system, and was soon on the tail of the suspects.

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office said the airborne deputy notified Volusia deputies and then identified the vehicle from the sky. When deputies attempted a traffic stop, the vehicle fled into Seminole County, the sheriff’s office said. There, deputies deployed stop sticks, the vehicle slowed down and the suspects bailed out while it was still rolling.

Three suspects, aged 16, 15 and 14, were taken into custody, police said, adding: “Their gray Acura RDX was reported stolen out of Orange County, and inside were several wallets, a ski mask and a window breaching tool. Deputies were able to link the suspects to several car breaks in Deltona.” Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful