Sheriff's office: Man with multiple gunshot wounds found dead near shooting range

Jan. 23—A man collecting spent bullet shell casings Monday afternoon near the Camel Tracks shooting range southwest of Santa Fe discovered a body in a parked vehicle on the side of County Road 56, the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office said.

Agency spokesman Juan Ríos said deputies were dispatched to the scene in the Caja del Rio around 4 p.m. and found a deceased man who appeared to be between the ages of 20 and 30 and had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

The man had not yet been identified Monday evening, Ríos said. He provided few details of the incident.

"It's a very active investigation," Ríos said. "The patrol deputies that are out at [the] scene right now are waiting for the detectives to get to the scene and take over. ... The [state] Office of the Medical Investigator will also be called out to do their examination."

Ríos said the man who stumbled upon the vehicle with the body had been looking for brass near the shooting range when he heard gunshots nearby.

"He got a little concerned, left the area, and that's when he came across [the] vehicle," Ríos said.

The man was not an English speaker and had called a family member to help report the body to law enforcement, Ríos said.

Ríos said more information on the incident may be available Tuesday after detectives thoroughly process the scene.