Sheriff's office seeks men suspected in armed robbery

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Jul. 29—The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office is searching for two men suspected in an armed robbery around noon Wednesday at a home in Eldorado.

The incident has shaken the community south of Santa Fe.

The sheriff's office said in a news release a man living at the home on Encantado Court did not recognize a vehicle coming up the driveway, so he went outside to greet whoever was inside. The robbers greeted him with a gun.

The man's wife, who had seen the incident, went out of the house through a back door and called 911 from a neighbor's home, according to the news release.

In the meantime, the armed men robbed the couple's home while holding the husband at gunpoint.

The sheriff's office has not publicly identified the victims of the attack, but one of them has taken to the neighborhood social network NextDoor to post about her experience:

"I saw an older beat-up blue sedan roll into our driveway around noon today. I walked to my husband's office to tell him someone was here and when he stepped outside he was facing the barrel of a gun," the woman wrote.

She said she ran to a neighbor's house for help.

"Because the thieves couldn't find me they made haste but they held a gun to my husband's head and said they would kill him if they couldn't find me," she wrote in the post.

"The sheriff is here now," she added. "Please please be aware. This was so bold. Everyone is safe."

Sheriff's investigators learned later Wednesday the robbers had used a credit card stolen from the couple at a gas station at Siler Road and Agua Fría Street.

The robbers were described as 6-foot tall and 5-foot-8, the news release said. One was wearing orange colored contacts. They might be driving an older-model, blue, four-door sedan with tinted windows, such as a Chevrolet Impala, the news release said.

The sheriff's office asks anyone with information about the crime or the identities of the armed robbers to contact investigators at 505-428-3720.

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