Sheriff's Office warns of local phone scam

Nov. 24—The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office is warning of a local phone scam that reportedly invokes the names of various deputies, local judges and area public officials.

According to the CCSO's social media, the scammers are calling people in the area making claims of warrants, missed court dates or other similar situations.

"Know that these are 100 percent scams," the CCSO posting says. "We will never ask for money for any reason."

The Sheriff's Office warns some of the scammers may have personal information about the person being called and could use it to make a convincing case they are legitimate.

"Do not fall for this," says the CCSO posting. "The numbers may appear to be local, but they are fake internet spoof numbers."

The CCSO recommends if there is any doubt to call whichever agency the call claims to be from after hanging up.

"Hang up and call the number yourself," the CCSO post says. "We can verify we did or did not call you."