Shift3 Technologies Announces the Launch of New Online Debate Platform, Kolyde

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FRESNO, Calif., Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shift3 Technologies (Shift3), a developer of custom enterprise software, today announced the launch of Kolyde, an app designed to ignite healthy, productive debate on college campuses. Kolyde will begin its first beta test just as the 2020 presidential election hits a fever pitch, and the world is in need of methods of engaging in meaningful, thoughtful conversations.

Shift3 Technologies (PRNewsfoto/Shift3 Technologies)
Shift3 Technologies (PRNewsfoto/Shift3 Technologies)

"My idea for Kolyde came when I saw a discussion on a social media platform devolve without resolution," Vincent Mays, CEO and Founder of Kolyde. "We all like to engage in spirited discussion on the topics that matter most to us. Kolyde provides a level playing field and guardrails for people to debate, and their network votes on who made the most compelling argument. I first sketched out my idea with colored pencils, but when I took it to Shift3, it came to life. Now college students will be testing my app and I hope it helps generate more civil conversations online."

The application is set to go through beta testing with California State University, Fresno in November with a number of other educational institutions set to begin testing in the coming months.

"Today, every idea can become a digital reality with the right vision and partners," said JP Prendergast, Shift3 Technologies. "We help non-technical founders with the technical side of their business so they can create innovative solutions to the problems we face every day."

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About Shift3 Technologies:

Shift3 Technologies (Shift3) is a Software Development-as-a-Service firm that specializes in custom development and Salesforce implementation. Well versed in business and technology, Shift3 provides inspiring custom software and strategic Salesforce implementation and management to the most challenging projects for small to enterprise-level clients alike. If you want to leverage technology to solve a unique business problem, visit

About Kolyde:

Kolyde is a social media debate platform connecting people from a variety of professions, ethnicities, political affiliations and socioeconomic backgrounds, to provide a dialogue in a safe environment where users share opinions. Debate topics such as sports, music, movies, politics, relationships and current events. The user is able to win (or lose) an argument based on the voting of their peers.


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