ShinobiVerse: First P2E Open World Game on Cronos

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shinobi features a blockchain-based NFT economy and marketplace. It was invented by Final Film, a blockchain games studio. Shinobiverse P2E game can be compared to some degree to Pokémon, in that there are characters in the form of NFTs. Players pit their characters against another fighter’s NFT, and the winner receives coins that can be used to unlock power upgrades, which make the fighter-character more likely to win. But here’s the thing: the coins are actually crypto tokens. These can gain value in the same way Bitcoin or Ethereum can, and players can cash in their earnings to use in the real world.

The Shinobiverse P2E game does exactly what it says on the tin: players are rewarded with cold hard cryptocurrency for winning battles and/or completing tasks within the game.

The makers take you into the world of Shinobiverse, a world where you work your way up – a world where only the strongest and smartest players survive. Each era has its own unique gangs, and users can sign up to take advantage of the benefits that these groups bring. Shinobi is an action-adventure game where participants play real-life scenarios and complete missions to progress through the story.

Cronos Blockchain x Polygon Network

Shinobi is a decentralized and tokenized Unreal Engine/Unity gaming platform built on Cronos Chain.

Cronos Chain is a brand new public, opensource and permissionless blockchain-a fully decentralized Game-Fi network with high speed and low fees. Ethermint is the underlying technology that Cronos is built on. Ethermint is a high-throughput, scalable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain. The Cosmos SDK, which operates on top of the Tendermint Core consensus engine, was used to create it. Polygon is a well-established framework preferred by many decentralized applications and Game-Fi projects, bringing innovative gamification to the rapidly growing Web3 and metaverse economies.

The Shinobi Game Ecosystem consists of a dual token economy, based on a Cronos Chain bridge with Polygon Network and uses NFT collectables. NFT items, such as vehicles, property and companies, are used by players to progress through the game. Players can trade, rent or sell them to gain profit.


The team is unified by a mission to build the ultimate game, Shinobi has a team of highly experienced full-stack, blockchain and game developers, as well as UI, VR, content and 3D designers.

NFT Marketplace

In the NFT Marketplace, players and non-players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT items, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. Additionally, players can use NFT items in-game and sell rent or exchange them to other players. Players are also able to sell their account. Every SHINO Token holder is eligible to receive SHINO tokens which are redistributed from token transaction fees.

Final thoughts

Shinobiverse offers gamers all over the world a thrilling new experience in the form of a real-life roleplay game in which participants can earn crypto currency while playing. It has a marketplace where players can easily convert their NFTs and tokens to real-world values.

This year is looking like an extremely exciting one for Unreal Engine/Unity fans of P2E and tactical gaming.


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