Three new grain ships leave Ukraine under deal

STORY: The three vessels carrying a total of about 64,000 tons (58,000 tonnes) of corn have been authorized to leave Ukrainian ports as part of a deal to unblock grain exports.

The Turkish Defence Ministry said on Twitter the Panama-flagged Navistar, carrying about 36,000 tons (33,000 tonnes) of corn and going from Ukraine to Ireland, departed from Odesa Port. The ship will be inspected by the Joint Coordination Centre to the north of Istanbul.

The second ship, the Maltese-flagged Rojen, carrying about 14,000 tons (13,000 tonnes) of corn departed from Chornomorsk port bound for Britain. The Joint Inspection Team was monitoring it.

The Turkish-flagged ship Polarnet set off from Chornomorsk for the Turkish Black Sea port of Karasu. Before the ship carrying about 13,000 tons (12,000 tonnes) of corn reaches Karasu, it will be inspected by the Joint Inspection Team to the north of Istanbul.