Should we be shocked hospitals are not mandating staff vaccinations?

The senior director of the Special Pathogens Program for New York City’s Hospital System explains why some healthcare workers don’t get vaccinated

Video Transcript

- But I think it's important to probably understand that health care workers are very similar to the general public, and why they don't want to get vaccinated. But to your question, should they be shocked? I think at this point not so much. Knowing that I think a couple of things.

First these are emergency authorized vaccines, so they don't have the full approval. So to have mandate of getting a vaccine is a little bit tricky, and we know that there are certain health care systems. Today, for example, was the news in Texas of health care system mandating getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

So it's definitely tricky, but it's not unprecedented, and the reason why I say that is because for flu vaccines, many health care systems mandate that for employees, especially with in health care settings because these are where patients present, they're vulnerable, and there's a higher chance of obviously being able to transmit the virus. And so it's not surprising on that front.