Shocking act of road rage caught on camera in broad daylight

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A horrifying act of violent road rage has unfolded in broad daylight on an intersection of a busy highway, causing significant delays for other drivers.

The incident was captured in Middle Swan, about 20 kilometres north east of Perth, about 11am on Sunday.

A passenger from a vehicle watching from behind captured the disturbing scene and uploaded it to Facebook, joking that it was “just another day” for the Midland area.

They were stalled at the intersection of Roe Highway and Toodyay road, with the disturbance an entire lane and blocking other motorists from passing.

The pair were shown in an angry altercation in the middle of a busy road. Source: Facebook

Midland Police appealed for assistance in their investigation of the incident in a post to social media, calling on motorists with dash cam footage of the fight to come forward.

Footage showed a man with a large build squashing another man onto the bitumen, before grabbing him under the arms and slamming him against a car.

The larger male then proceeds to deliver several punches into his victim’s head.

A crowd of onlookers then intervene and separate the pair, who appeared to continue arguing while on their feet.

The man who earlier was thrown to the ground and punched repeatedly, then throws his fist towards the bigger man, who pulls him to the ground for a second time.

Another lady appears to step in and position herself between the men in an effort to extinguish the tension.

Several minutes pass before the men get back into their respective vehicles and allow other motorists to continue their day.

In comments to the video, social media users condemned the men involved, many labelling the altercation “disgusting”.

“Totally disgusting. Where are some peoples’ manners. Hope the police deal with it,” someone wrote.

“There is no need for this,” another said.

Some pointed out the bizarre nature of the female who stood by and watched as the scrap unfolded.

The reason for the fight was not clear.

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