Shooting at Hickory Hill apartments leaves two critically injured

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A shooting inside a Hickory Hill apartment complex over the weekend resulted in two men getting rushed to the hospital.

Before 4:30 Sunday, detectives responded to the Edge at Lakeview off Knight Arnold Road. Yellow tape marked the spot where two men were shot and critically injured.

Incidents like this are why community activists like Stevie Moore say change is also critical in a new way forward.

Labor Day weekend shootings leave 4 injured

“Let’s stop being so divided in our community because nothing but the community can solve this problem,” Moore said.

Moore says something we can’t shy away from is the urgency to be proactive versus reactive.

“I have seen a few organizations now coming together doing something with the kids before the problem happens,” he said.

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According to the city’s data hub, within a half-mile radius of the complex, investigators have responded 205 times since January 1 for assaults, robberies, and homicides alone. That is one less offense compared to the same period the year before.

“We always look at what happened that’s bad, but God is doing so much more good for us – then the bad, but we just put more attention on the bad,” Moore said.

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