Police: Off-duty officer shot man who hit him in Costco

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    It’s Costco. They’ll have plenty of video. We’ll see what happened eventually.
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    As a University Professor of Communications, this piece is poorly written. In one part I had to double read to see WHO had the child. Another paragraph says “The shooting prompted a stampede of frightened shoppers to flee the store east of Los Angeles and seek cover inside.” Did they flee to east of L.A. or the store was IN East L.A.? And flee the store...and seek cover inside? Did they go back to the store? It looks like one of my first term undergrads wrote it. The only news here is an Officer shot a man and two of his family members, killing the former and seriously wounding the latter two. The rest is just fluff without one grain of Descriptive Narration of Story.
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    This story is basically a collection of paragraphs saying the exact same things - people heard gun shoots and ran. So can we go back to what the original confrontation was about? Had the officer arrested the guy or a relative in the past? Something had to starts all of this.
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    "Witnesses said there was an altercation. Shoppers and employees described terror and chaos when shots rang out shortly before 8 p.m. Friday and police swarmed the store." this tells nothing about what actually happened. notice the emphasis on the emotional component of the story, while leaving the facts out. story could have been written "terror, altercations, shots rang out, terror". It's like these stories are designed to evoke an emotional response, no?
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    Au Da
    The officer was the only one who fired shots? One dead and two wounded. When French family armed or unusually large? Officer small? What was the assault: just verbal? Or battery?
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    Shrieks from inside the store were heard on video recorded by shopper Nikki Tate, who had stopped by with her daughter to pick up steaks and lobsters for Father's Day.

    Tate said Saturday she was by the meat section when she heard "about six or seven shots." She dropped to the ground and crawled toward her daughter who was at the other end. AND STARTED RECORDING? They huddled until they were able to escape through a side door.
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    Either the Video backs up the Officer or it doesn't. I don't see why the Officer would lie knowing there is possible video. You are forming opinions based on emotions from people inside not FACTS known. Period. Before drawing a conclusion wait for all the FACTS...
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    The only question will be... Was lethal force [6 shots] inside a crowded box store necessary?
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    Would be interesting to see the videos and the actual truth. Police say!
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    As an officer I would assume he is TRAINED to handle all types of situations. For the OFF DUTY officer to fire off 6 shots in a store FULL of people is highly disturbing.

    Did the officer call for backup? Did he attempt to de-escalate the situation?

    I hope we see the tape and hear from actual eye witnesses.