Father killed, 6-year-old son expected to survive in SW Philly shooting

A 6-year-old boy is expected to survive after a shooting in Southwest Philadelphia that killed his father and injured another man, police said.

Video Transcript

JIM GARDNER: The shots rang out at 53rd and Angora and then 55th and Baltimore in Southwest Philadelphia. Three people shot, and one, a six-year-old boy. It seems that nary a night goes by without bullets causing tragedy and someone's heartbreak on the streets of Philadelphia.

And so it was tonight with word that the boy's father has died. It is Wednesday night, and the big story on Action News tonight, a little boy waging a fight for life along with one adult male, the boy's father has succumbed to his wounds. Action News reporter Bob Brooks is live at 55th and Baltimore. Bob, what's the latest there?

BOB BROOKS: Well Jim, another night of gun violence involving young people in Philadelphia. That six-year-old little boy was shot twice, but the other two victims, young themselves, just 30 and 28 years old behind me here. Police say all three victims were shot inside of that car you see, that the father of the little boy would crash after being shot. Inside of this car, before police say it was fired on at least 12 times, were two men and a six-year-old boy. All three have been shot. Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw says the child is in critical condition.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: I was told, which is good, that he was crying when he was transported to the hospital.

BOB BROOKS: The commissioner says this happened near the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and 53rd Street. The first victim discovered, a 30-year-old male, was done so by officers on patrol in the area.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: We were flagged down by a 30-year-old African-American male who said that he had been shot.

BOB BROOKS: Outlaw says the initial investigation shows gunmen shot at the vehicle with the 30-year-old inside along with a 28-year-old man in what police believe is his six-year-old son. Detectives say the 30-year-old got out of the car after being hit near 53rd and Baltimore and waited for help. The 28-year-old took off with his son in the car and made it to 55th and Baltimore before losing control and crashing into several parked cars. Police say they were both shot in the torso.

- When is it going to end? That's what it is-- that's what comes to my mind.

BOB BROOKS: Commissioner Outlaw says major changes have to happen to curb the violence.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: In the long term, until you get more jobs, housing, education, and until those things are fixed, we-- we being the police-- we're going to continue to be out here chasing our tails ultimately.

BOB BROOKS: She also added there needs to be harsher penalties for those breaking gun laws.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: Until there are serious consequences for those who choose to make poor choices around the use of illegal gun carrying and the illegal use of firearms, there's nothing to deter folks from doing what they're doing with these guns.

BOB BROOKS: And Jim, police say again that car you see was fired on at least 12 times. The father of the six-year-old has died. That six-year-old and the other victim a 30-year-old in very critical condition at the hospital. Police say the suspects they believe fled in a white car, quite possibly a white Kia. I'm reporting live in Southwest Philadelphia, Bob Brooks Channel Six Action News, Jim.