Shooting near Oracle Park shuts down streets in San Francisco

Authorities are investigating after a San Francisco police officer shot a burglary suspect near Oracle Park.

Video Transcript

AMA DAETZ: And that breaking news is out of San Francisco, where a neighborhood is blocked off after police shot a car burglary suspect. Good evening, I'm Ama Daetz.

DAN ASHLEY: And I'm Dan Ashley. Thank you for joining us. Now, this all happened this afternoon not far from Oracle Park on Varney Place near the intersection of the 3rd and Brannon intersection. We've learned the suspect was shot in the wrist.

ABC 7 News reporter Lyanne Melendez is live near the scene for us. Lyanne, take us through what happened, please.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: Yeah, Dan, just to give you an update, police are just wrapping this investigation, and actually, they're leaving. What police are telling us was that this car was known to them because it had been identified before by witnesses in other smash and grab burglaries.

Now, police also said that there were three people inside that car. What is not clear is why did the officer shoot one of the suspects? Was there another gun involved? That's one of the questions we asked police today. We do not know, and police would not tell us.

ROBERT RUECA: Any information regarding the possession of a weapon is all part of our investigation, as far as what caused the use of force is still, it's still early on in the investigation, we have not determined all of those pieces.

LYANNE MELENDEZ: Like he just said, ongoing investigation. Now, the suspect was shot in the wrist. The person is being identified as an adult male. The other two people inside that car, we're told, took off. So police, of course, are searching for that car and the two people. How many shots were fired, police would not tell us this afternoon.

Now, the chief of police, William Scott, was also here, and we were all surprised to see him here. But I can only assume, I can only suspect that what is happening with regard to police shootings across the country, I believe that the police chief Scott decided that he needed to be here at this moment. Now, the suspect, we are told, was taken to the hospital. As always, when there is a shooting in San Francisco, police conduct a town hall meeting within 10 days, and that's what we have right now. Live in San Francisco, Lyanne Melendez, ABC 7 News.

DAN ASHLEY: OK, thank you, Lyanne.