Shooting Outside Upper Darby Bar Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Wounded

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

JIM DONOVAN: I'm Jim Donavan.

JANELLE BURRELL: And I'm Janelle Burrell, this is Eyewitness News at noon now streaming live on CBS in Philly. And we begin with that triple shooting outside of a Delaware County Bar where one person was killed. Eyewitnesses reporter Matt Petrillo is in Upper Darby this afternoon with what we know about this case so far, Matt.

MATT PETRILLO: Upper Darby police tell us shots rang out just outside of Rudy's Tavern early this morning. Now the scene cleared around 8 o'clock this morning, but just moments ago we saw several police cars parked here, then officers going into the Tavern. We're not sure whether or not they have a search warrant, but we do know there are several security cameras both inside and outside the bar here.

Now the shooting happened just around 1:45 this morning. Eyewitness News was there as a large police presence blocked off part of the area here on Marshal Road. When officers arrived, they found one person dead and a man shot in the arm. Police say a third gunshot victim who was shot in the leg was found in a car less than a mile away on Radbourne Road. Police also found a weapon near Georgia's Water Ice just across the street from Rudy's.

And this morning we found a bullet hole in a neighbor's front door, a home where a family with a baby lives, many people who live in this area worry about a growing pattern of violence.

ANTOINETTE FORD: Definitely, seem like the violence is closing in. Philly is not too far from us, but at the end of the day, you know, I thought it was some separation, but as seen as today it looks like, you know, the violence is just circling in.

MATT PETRILLO: And so right now. Again, police are inside of Rudy's Tavern. The shooting happening just outside of it early this morning. A manager told me today that at the time of the shooting they were closed. It might have been last call, people getting out at the time. Meantime, police telling us that so far, there have been no suspects arrested, no description either. Reporting live in Upper Darby, Matt Petrillo, CBS 3, Eyewitness News.

JIM DONOVAN: Thank you, Matt.