Shooting At PrymeBar In Dallas Leaves At Least 1 Dead, 7 Injured

One person is dead and seven others are injured after a shooting a night club in Dallas early Saturday, police said.

Video Transcript

- First at 5:00, Dallas police are searching for a man who shot eight people at a nightclub, killing a woman. This is the man they're looking for. You see him on the right side of your screen wearing a hat and a jacket with writing on the back.

The shooting happened early this morning at PrymeBar on Technology Boulevard. Police say two groups of people were arguing when the suspect pulled out a gun and began firing in the club. All of the victims, we're told, were taken to the hospital. But 21-year-old Daisy [INAUDIBLE] did not survive. Police commended the actions of the officers who ran into a chaotic scene.

WARREN MITCHELL: Man, these officers who rush into a situation like this where you got several people just out screaming and running around, and yet the first thing they think about is saving lives.

- The conditions of the other victims range from stable to critical. Again, the gunman has not been caught.