Shooting victim identifies suspect in North Braddock before dying

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“Don’t let me die.”

From his hospital bed, 86-year-old James Dent was unsure if he was going to live after he had been shot in the back.

Prosecutors showed video of him in Mercy Hospital, asking nurses if he was going to live.

Despite how much pain he may have been in, he was able to identify the person who he said shot him, as an investigator showed him an array of photos.

Police say that person is Courde Daye, who is on trial for Dent’s murder.

In new video showed in court, surveillance cameras show two men coming up to the cell phone store where Dent spent much of his time doing odd jobs for the owner.

One of the men is carrying a long gun, and you see that person walk into the store. Police say he began shooting.

You can also see another man draw a weapon.

Those bullets hit Dent, who was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The shooting left him as a paraplegic, and he eventually died from sepsis that started from his injuries.


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