The '90s shoe trend that celebrities can't get enough of

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    Marie Chamberlain
    I think the same ones that wear their PJ's to Walmart wear these "fluffy" shoes.........:)
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    Slippers have been in style since big news or fashion trend here.
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    So the new name for slippers is sandals.
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    One Opinion
    Only 2 of 6 'Top Stories' are Advertisements YAHOO? Are you cutting back?
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    Shoes with Pubes.
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    Looks like they have been tip toeing through a Chicken processing plant .
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    some of these look like my granny's slippers
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    Fashion is so silly! All of this stuff has been here before. I'm just waiting for guys to start wearing frosted tips and baggy jeans again. You think it won't happen, but it will! Look at the awful 90s hiked-up mom jeans that are back in now. People are desperate to be "original."
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    hide your furry/feathery pets the rich are on the killing spree, again