Get This ‘Miracle’ Vegamour Serum That Brings Back Fuller Lashes For Up to 40% Off Now

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Stop what you’re doing and get your wallets ready. There’s a major — not to mention super rare — sale going on right now and trust me, you don’t want to miss out. Vegamour, the natural hair care brand behind the hugely popular (and Nicole Kidman-approved!) GRO Hair Serum, is having a buy one, get one free sale on their fan fave GRO Lash and GRO Brow serums. So, if you’ve always had sparse brows or you don’t want to deal with having to apply falsies ever again, you’ll want to take advantage of this sale ASAP because it won’t last long.

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Vegamour’s Lash and Brow Sale has a couple of promos you should know. If you’re just interested in purchasing either the brow serum or the lash serum, you can get it for 20% off using the code LB20. You can save even more by choosing the Subscribe & Save option, which will give you a discount of over 30% off. Both are really solid deals considering the brand rarely ever goes on sale.

But if you’re interested in trying both products and you really want to save, Vegamour is offering a buy one, get one free price when you purchase their GRO Lash & Brow Kit. All you have to do is add the Subscribe & Save option to your cart to get both products for the price of one. You can choose to skip a shipment or cancel the subscription at any time, which is great if you want to take advantage of the deal but are unsure if the products are right for you. If you decide to keep the subscription, deliveries happen every 60 days. But of course, if you just want to buy the kit without having to worry about changing or cancelling anything, you can still score some major savings. A one-time purchase of the kit will save you over $50.

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If you ask me, it’s 100% worth it!

After trying the Vegamour’s GRO Brow Serum, I can vouch that Vegamour’s hair growth formula is no joke. As someone who’s lived with extremely sparse eyebrows all of my life, I never thought it was something possible to fix. But the eyebrow product has already lengthened and filled out the ends within one month of use. So, I have no doubt that the GRO Lash Serum works just as great for eyelashes.

In fact, our Shopping Editor tried the lash serum herself and couldn’t stop raving over how well it worked at lengthening her lashes. It’s now part of her daily beauty routine. Not to mention, the GRO Hair Serum is also a must-have among our shopping team.

Vegamour GRO Lash & Brow Kit

Vegamour lash and brow kit
IMAGE: Vegamour

The Vegamour GRO Lash & Brow Kit features two shopper-loved serums that are described to be the “first step towards healthy, beautiful lashes and brows.” According to the brand, you should be able to see consistent use within 60 days. However, some reviewers have seen results in a couple of weeks.

As one reviewer said, the kit contains products that work better than anything else they’ve ever tried. “My lashes are longer and fuller, and my brows have started to fill in where they were thinning,” they wrote. “I even have new growth in the bare spots at the tail end of my brows. I just changed from the Gro Lash and Brow subscription to the Gro+ Advanced Lash and Brow and I’m looking forward to even better results.”

GRO Lash & Brow Kit $72

Buy now

Vegamour GRO Lash Serum

Vegamour GRO Lash Serum
Image: Vegamour.

GRO Lash Serum $48

Buy now

Many reviewers say they barely wear mascara anymore after using this lash serum from Vegamour. As one wrote, “I have sparse eyelashes and this serum helps my lashes grow full and lush. I don’t even wear mascara anymore because I don’t need to. I had a small bald spot where I had pulled out some lashes and the serum helped it grow back full in just a few weeks.”

Another reviewer said, “I was uncertain and on the fence about purchasing this serum thinking yeah right it’s all hype but honestly I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lashes. Length and fullness, I’m so happy that I took a chance!”

The GRO Lash Serum is a safe and easy way to gain longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. Plus, this 100% vegan product is made without hormones, carcinogens, or dangerous side effects.

Vegamour GRO Brow Serum

Vegamour GRO Brow Serum
IMAGE: Vegamour

The GRO Brow Serum is one of the brand’s top sellers, and is described as the “key to thicker, fuller eyebrows.” It’s natural, vegan, and is made with ingredients such as zinc and biotin, which are important for healthy hair follicles. One reviewer wrote that it made a huge different in their brows. “One brow has less hair than the other,” they said. ” I put the serum on and let them grow out. Now they look amazing and full. I always get compliments on my brows . Totally recommend it.”

GRO Brow Serum $48

Buy now

Be sure to check out Vegamour’s Lash & Brow sale today!

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