Shopping Lines and Scooters: Wuhan Life Begins to Return to Normal as Lockdown Lifted

The city streets in Wuhan were beginning to return to normal on April 8 as the lockdown restrictions resulting from the effects of the coronavirus were lifted in the city where the COVID-19 pandemic was thought to have originated.

In footage uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo on April 8, people can be seen with shopping bags, traveling on scooters and lining up outside stores, as the city’s 76-day lockdown was lifted.

The person who recorded the footage, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Storyful they were “very happy” at the return to normality, and that the first thing they did when the lockdown was lifted was to grab some noodles.

The lockdown on the capital of Hubei province was put in place on January 23, preventing all inbound and outbound travel by road, rail and ferry in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful