Shoreline victim in anti-Asian hate crime earns legal victory over neighbor

Friday marked a big legal win for the victim of an anti-Asian hate crime in Shoreline.

Thi Pham says she and her family were stalked and harassed by a neighbor for years because of her race.

“That was what made it very difficult, is when I realized my wife and my family, their physical well-being and their life was being threatened by this person,” said William Healy, Pham’s husband.

That neighbor, identified in court documents as Jan Meyer, was arrested on a hate crime charge in April 2021.

After the arrest, Meyers was released by a judge without bail on personal recognizance — with an order that she could not contact Pham.

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As Pham and her husband worried the overall case would take too long to prosecute, they filed a civil lawsuit last August.

Now, in a landmark civil settlement, Meyers has agreed to sell her house and move out of the neighborhood.

She will also pay Pham an undisclosed amount of money.

Pham and her family say the settlement means they’ll finally be able to live peacefully after facing years of torment.

“I am happy that I can safely live in my home without racial harassment,” said Pham.

As part of the settlement, Meyer must move out of the neighborhood within six months.

If she doesn’t, she’ll be headed to a civil jury trial.