‘He’s been shot a lot’: 911 calls reveal chilling moments in 17-year-old athlete’s murder

Newly released 911 calls from a Sunday night drive-by shooting in Miramar uncover the tragic moments that followed when a 17-year-old boy was gunned down and his 17-year-old girlfriend was wounded.

Johnnie Henderson and his unidentified girlfriend were driving in a white Hyundai Sonata in the 3600 block of South University Drive when another car began shooting at them.

Paramedics rushed the teens to the hospital, where Henderson was pronounced dead. No arrests have been made yet. As of Tuesday, the girl was stable and expected to survive. No new information was released.

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In the calls released Tuesday, the 17-year-old girl was the first to phone 911.

“I’ve been shot. Come. Come,” she pleaded to the operator. “My boyfriend. Please come.”

While audibly shaken and panic-stricken, she tried to tell the operator what had occurred — a barrage of bullets emerging out of nowhere, she said.

“We were driving in the car,” she said. “I know they shot a lot...He’s [Henderson] been shot a lot. He can’t breathe.”

A man can be heard walking up to the car as she talks to the operator.

“Is he ok?” he asks.

“No,” she says, breaking into tears as the call ends.

A bystander actively helping the teens, possibly the same man heard during the young girl’s call, rang 911 begging for rescue to rush over.

“We have a...male shot,” he said.

As he helped the young girl, her wails of pain and tears grew louder.

“You can’t stay in the car,” he told her.

Another caller was driving with her children in the car when she saw another vehicle pull off the turnpike, pull up to the white car the teens were in and begin shooting.

The shooters sped off back onto the turnpike.

“We just heard pow pow pow pow pow,” the caller said. “Someone is in there [the white Hyundai] slumped over...I didn’t want my kids to see what was in there.”

A third caller reported hearing semi-automatic gunfire somewhere near the front of her apartment, possibly another street over.

“It was like pew pew pew, like four or five times,” she described.