Shots Fired Outside Town East Mall In Mesquite, 2 People In Custody

Mesquite Police rushed to Town East Mall where they confirm someone fired shots Thursday afternoon in the parking lot.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news out of Mesquite we want to get to real quick. Police are confirming for us shots have been fired in the parking lot at Town East Mall. We've got Chopper 11 live over the scene. Officers there scouring the area. You see a lot of cones going down, likely evidence markers, possibly bullet fragments or shell casings. Active investigation, a lot of work being done at the moment.

We're told two people are in custody right now. And all those cars likely encased in that police tape, probably not going anywhere for quite a while. Shots fired. Again, Mesquite, Town East Mall. We'll keep you updated as we get some new information.