Show Your Patriotism With A 1966 Jeep M151 MUTT

Steven Symes
Show Your Patriotism With A 1966 Jeep M151 MUTT

This truck served its country faithfully, and now it can serve you as well.

Few classic vehicles have the kinds of stories to tell that this 1966 Jeep M151 or MUTT. These rugged and highly maneuverable trucks were used by the US Military during the Vietnam War all the way until the 1980s, proving their worth as quick transports in difficult terrain. This is your chance to own a piece of military history.

This particular MUTT is in fantastic shape, thanks in part to the mere 1,127 miles on the odometer. The inline four-cylinder 2.3-liter engine runs strong, so this truck is ready to take on an adventure or to be driven to a show. You get to row through the gears, thanks to the 4-speed manual transmission. While the 71-horsepower on tap might not sound like much, keep in mind this Jeep only weighs 2,400 pounds, so it can really move.

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The all-green exterior and interior wears a nice patina, proving this truck has seen some action. A long-handle ax is mounted to the driver’s-side rocker panel, the canvas grille cover is intact, and the gas tank is located under the driver’s seat, just like in the first Jeeps which served in WWII. All gauges and controls in the interior are still in place.


The M151 was actually produced by Ford, which also made many of to the original Jeeps. Since these trucks were considered ordinances, the military couldn’t legally sell them to the public. The majority were cut in half before being decommissioned, so anyone who bought them had to weld the truck back together. Others were crushed or cut into multiple pieces. That means finding one is pretty difficult. These trucks became legendary on the battlefield for their boundless capabilities, plus they are a blast to drive, making them highly collectible today. Thanks to the Orlando Auto Museum, you have the unique chance to add one to your garage.